10th CBSE – 2019 – Boards – Mathematics Paper – SET 1, 2 and 3


Talking about the latest 2019 Mathematics Boards, conducted on 7th March 2019 which was also the first paper this year’s Board exams. Mathematics is considered to be one of the most feared subjects, but the paper given was not that difficult. Parents and teachers must have seen kids preparing from several materials including Oswaal Question Bank, Exemplar, NCERT textbook and especially R.D.Sharma . Questions asked in the examination were almost from the textbook or at least similar to the ones given in the textbook. Some kids said that the paper was very easy, some said it was lengthy but easy whereas some said only section D was difficult and some said section C was difficult.

Going through the paper we got to know that the paper was comparatively easier than expected. Mathematics, this year also being the first paper was a balanced one.

The Question paper was balanced as Section A had some questions that were not worth 1 mark as well as it also had some questions that were valued more than 1 mark’s worth. A Similar pattern is followed through out the paper.