5 Psychological Daily Life Hacks You Need To Know!

Life is hectic. Period. And small things can make a great difference so learn these life hacks to make life simpler.

1. Keeping important files near the shoe rack.

• Important files which you need to take with you to the office or school should be kept near the shoe rack
at the night.
So out of sight out of mind thing doesn’t occur in the morning.
• It eliminates the risk of forgetting them as you won’t leave the house without your shoes on.

2. Repeating the task as you change rooms.
• Has it ever happened with you that as you cross the threshold of your room you to get something you forget
what you went out for? And as you come back you remember what that thing was.
• That is because when we exit a room, our environment changes, so does our thoughts and our brain moves on
to the next thought.
• To deal with this repeat the task as you walk through the doorway.

3. Rephrase what the other person said to you.
• If you ever don’t know how to deal with a particular emotional friend all you’ve to do is rephrase what
they said, nod at intervals and try to make them comfortable.
• Sometimes people just need to vent.

4. Fake it until you make it

• You must’ve heard this before, a most common trick of tricking brain. Also one of the important steps of
the Secret.
• Look in the mirror and repeat every morning, what you want, as you already have it.
i) I’m beautiful/confident.
ii) I’m good at mathematics.


• Does wonders

5. Understate the price instead of meeting in between.

• As you bargain in a shop understate the price. You’ll understand better from this conversation.
• (S- Shopkeeper) (C-Customer)
C- How much is it?
S- 100 bucks
C- I’ll pay 70
S-too less,80!
C- 60!
S- What no! 75
C- 50 it is. Take it or leave it.

• Works like a charm. Learned from none other than Rick Harrison. And if they still don’t agree walk away, they’ll call you back.

Follow these and thank me later.