Class 10 CBSE – A Shady Plot Summary

A Shady Plot
By Elsie Brown

-This story is a first hand narration.
-This is a paranormal comedy featuring Mr.John Hallock who is given a task to write a supernatural story by Mr.Jenkins, his employer,for the magazine John writes for.
-The writer agreed as no one else printed his write ups. But he didn’t had a single clue on what to write as horror wasn’t his favorite genre.
-After going home he sat in darkness with a pen and a paper. But tough luck, as he was not able to plot a story instead was thinking about his wife’s shopping trips.
The writer sarcastically said out loud “This writing business is delightful isn’t it?”. To his horror a voice replied “yes it is”.
-He saw that a figured started forming,a women’s figure to be specific. Tall,angular, enormous fishy eyes covered by spectacles.-She introduced herself as Helen.And said that she was Helen of Troy’s ghost.
-When the writer asked why what was she doing there. She simply replied that she was there to help him write a story.
She told him all this time she was the one helped him out in writing a story,sitting on his shoulder. As she was from ‘Writer’s Inspiration Bureau‘.
-But they were going on a strike as all the ghosts were called down at ungodly hours just to entertain the people using Ouija boards. They were called out of their beds and thus it made them sleep deprived.-She told him to tell all his friends to not to use Ouija board. Just then John’s wife Lavinia came back home.
And she ironically bought Ouija Board to help John write a story.-John tried to stop his wife from using the board but she was hell-bent on using it.
-The next day when John arrived home from work his cook ,Gladolia,informed him that there are some guests in the parlour.He got ready and went to the parlour and was surprised to see the women of his wife’s book club.
And each pair of women had one ouija board between them. When his wife spotted him she paired him with Laura Hinkle. Who was described as a flirtatious crocodile by John.
All colour drained from his face when the ouija board spelled out T-R-A-I-T-O-R and H-E-L-E-N to Laura Hinkle.
-Everyone in the room along with his wife looked at John accusingly. Having no other option he fled the room.
-Next morning he received a letter from his wife that she is leaving the house and her lawyer would communicate about the divorce with him. As she believed that he had an affair with a girl named Helen.He was stunned.
– And Helen,the ghost came back saying she was here to ensure that the ouija board was gotten rid of.
– The writer was furious and snapped at Helen that she was the reason he lost his wife and his happiness.
-Meanwhile Lavinia, the wife entered the room with a heavy suitcase but noticed that the writer was behaving strangely. And then Gladolia the cook barged in saying that she cannot like in a house where such strange things are ouija board are kept.
-After she left Lavinia noticed the women standing behind her husband. And saw Helen.
-All misunderstandings were cleared and Lavinia felt guilty for accusing her husband.
-The writer gets inspired and excitedly starts writing the story.

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