Clothes Decoded- The Psychology Behind Your Clothes

From centuries people have been extra careful about the way they dress and present themselves. The way we dress always communicates about ourselves, and it every event has a type of dressing pattern.But do clothes affect our mood or decisions? What is the psychology behind them? Let’s decode clothes!

1. Clean Clothes
Researches show that wearing clean clothes keeps us in a relatively lighter mood. It makes us feel happy,relaxed and positive. After all who would like to spend their day wearing smelly and stained clothes?

2. Red for the Bold
The colour red not only makes you feel bold and confident,it also attracts attention from your surroundings.
Wearing red may make you behave aggressively towards an opponent. It makes you feel energetic. That explains Romans wearing red in wars. They were brutal!

3. Fabric Fresheners
The odour of you clothes also affect your mood. Using your favourite fabric freshener can keep your mood calm and pleasant. It keeps you relaxed.
Now imagine wearing bleached clothes with its pungent smell. Exactly,it will sour your mood and increase the
stress levels.

4. Bright Clothes
The quickest way to change your cloudy mood other than listening music is wearing bright and colourful clothes.
Our brain associates bright colour with happiness and good memories.

5. Dress Formally
People tend to take you more seriously when you dress formal. That’s why even in student interviews, formal
clothes are preferred. Dressing sharply makes you appear more ‘well off’. Be it your qualifications or heritage.

6. Wear Dark Colours to Appear Powerful
Imagine a guy wearing a blue pant suit, and the same guy wearing black later. When wearing blue he’ll appear more friendly but in black the same guy will look more intimidating and powerful. Dark clothes also gives a mysterious edge.Try to remember all the villains.

In the end whatever you wear be comfortable and bold. In the end it’s your personality that shines bright.