1 abash abashed abashed abashes abashing
Sentences The storm that abash the little bird that kept so many warm. I am abashed to say. I am abashed to say. He always abashes with others. It was abashing.
2 abate abated abated abates abating
Sentences In an hour or so the storm would abate and they could leave. The pain abated and she waited for a few minutes. The hunger abated and she dropped her head back to the pillow. She abates nothing of the duty which she has been taught. Meanwhile France provided Italy with fresh cause for uneasiness by abating her hostility to Germany.
3 abide abode abode abides abiding
Sentences I don’t need to abide by the rules. He took up his abode in Basel. He took up his abode in Basel. Others still abides the rules. He has abiding ego.
4 absorb absorbed absorbed absorbs absorbing
Sentences She could absorb the faint.  When she returned, he was absorbed in the paper. When she returned, he was absorbed the paper. The rock absorbs the heat. She turned eagerly absorbing his information.
5 accept accepted accepted accepts accepting
Sentences He should accept the truth. He accepted the truth. He accepted his mistake. She accepts everything weather it is good or bad. After accepting the envelop he was surprised.
6 accompany accompanied accompanied accompanies accompanying
Sentences She wished to accompany him. A rush of guilt accompanied the thought. A rush of accompanied the thought. She usually accompanies the lactic acid. Accompanying it was a vision of the shadow world.
7 ache Ached ached aches aching
Sentences I have a head ache. It aches in the places there couldn’t be muscles. It aches the places there couldn’t be muscles. My heart aches from them. She onto her side body aching from exertion.
8 achieve achieved achieved achieves achieving
Sentences How do you hope to achieve that? She achieved the award. She finally achieved the award. She achieves this feat. She was too close to achieving her goal.
9 acquire acquired acquired acquires acquiring
Sentences If you acquire this, new form of energy will be transformed. She acquired the first position. She acquired the first position. The tree acquires the large dimensions. The others are acquiring the weapons.
10 act acted acted acts acting
Sentences He did not act. She acted like there no one is watching. She acted dramatically. She acts like nothing had happened. Her acting was superb.
11 add added added adds adding
Sentences I saw your add in the news- paper. He added up a new taste to the food. He added up the new taste to the food. He adds something in that milk shake. After adding a black border, she changed to the red icing.
12 address addressed addressed addresses addressing
Sentences We have an address and a phone number. He addressed his correctly. He addressed his request. She addresses correctly. Any one addressing nishani irritated him
13 adjust adjusted adjusted adjusts adjusting
Sentences He needed time to adjust to his idea. He adjusted is place. He adjusted slightly. The tension adjusts itself. She pouted defensively adjusting her seat-belt.
14 admire admired admired admires admiring
Sentences I admire the and sacrifice you put into it He said he admired and respected her. They admired the new foal. I don’t think he has accepted yet that he admires you. He was merely admiring it.
15 admit admitted admitted admits admitting
Sentences I was wrong and I admit it. He admitted that he was wrong. He admitted that he was wrong. I don’t know anyone who admits to understand. Even admitting this he is not believing that it was the animal.
16 advise advised advised advises advising
Sentences He has given good advice. I advised Mr. Rahul but not Mr. Ritesh. If they advised you well than you will not be injured. The practical advices are even more better. He had been appointed the physicians advising on the establishing of new factory.
17 afford afforded afforded affords affording
Sentences He can afford that bike. Blood monkeys are afforded no protection here. Humans are afforded the ability to choose. The thiosulphate experiment here again affords a very good test. It commands a fine harbor affording safe encourage for the greater year ahead.
18 agree agreed agreed agrees agreeing
Sentences I agree the terms and conditions. I agreed that mistake that I have done in past. I agreed that he is naughty. As I have talked she agrees. He sounded like he was agreeing the root of canal.
19 alight alit alit alights alighting
Sentences Keep alight the hearth fire. Vilnius alit Venus. Vilnius alit Venus. It then leaps into the air and alights upon his feat. It was alighting.
20 allow allowed allowed allows allowing
Sentences Do you allow your guest? My mother allowed for the party. My father allowed for the party. It allows me to keep my treasures. Mam remains quiet for few minutes allowing that child to speak.
21 animate animated animated animates animating
Sentences The elemental matter as being in some sense eliminate. It was animated movie. It was animated movie. The moral purpose animates them. The animating spirit of their resistance is Virat Kohli.
22 announce announced announced announces announcing
Sentences I will announce the result in the committee. The result has been announced. The final team has been announced. His official duty is to mark the game on the scoring card when the leader announces the result. Mr. Karam is announcing the result.
23 answer answered answered answers answering
Sentences The answer of this question is very simple. He answered correctly. He answered correctly. Science answers are very long as well as tough. She is answering correctly.
24 apologize apologized apologized apologizes apologizing
Sentences I apologize for disturbing your dinner. He apologized for his mistake. He apologized for his mistakes. He apologizes for sending that letter which was useless. The boy is apologizing the mistake that he had done.
25 appear appeared appeared appears appearing
Sentences I appear for the exam. The paper was very tough which I appeared yesterday. I appeared for the test and that was horrible. He appears the exam. My mother is appearing for the B.ed exam.
26 applaud applauded applauded applauds applauding
Sentences I applaud your anonymity. I applauded her idea. I applauded her idea. It character applauds his lime. The count set in the ballroom smiling radiantly and applauding the payers.
27 apply applied applied applies applying
Sentences I apply for the job. I had applied for the manager post. I had applied for the manager post. Rule number two is applies to the guardians. Sher is applying for the job.
28 approach approached approached approaches approaching
Sentences Don’t approach that house. He approached for the better job. He approached for the better job. Teacher approaches their students for national level. How about approaching this scientifically?
29 approve approved approved approves approving
Sentences I really don’t approve this. The application had been approved by the teacher. The applications had been approved by the sir. In fact, it only approves the punishment as ordered by the laws. She stopped and gave an approving node.
30 argue argued argued argues arguing
Sentences We didn’t bother to argue. He argued with the teacher. He argued with the teacher. This is why she argues with you. She is arguing continuously.
31 arise arose arisen arises arising
Sentences Magnetic field arise from the flow of the current. A different kind of fire arose within him. A new source of embracement had arisen in Gujarat. the question again arises. The prices are arising day by day.
32 arrange arranged arranged arranges arranging
Sentences I will arrange for the tickets. The teacher has arranged a party. Students have arranged the party. He arranges a selection. We are arranging a party.
33 arrest arrested arrested arrests arresting
Sentences Why did you come here too arrest me too? Police arrested the thief. Police arrested the thief. Several hundred arrests are made. A 24
-hour guard wasn’t possible and arresting him would only make him more dangerous.
34 ask asked asked asks asking
Sentences I didn’t ask about his family. I asked him about his mother. She asked about the last night. Teacher asks me the question which was very difficult. She is asking me something.
35 assert asserted asserted asserts asserting
Sentences But he was beginning to assert himself. He asserted himself. He asserted himself. The law of constant proportion asserts the two elements. He shrinks from asserting his belief.
36 assort assorted assorted assorts assorting
Sentences He assort to his child. He assorted the previous sentence. He was the eldest child of an ill-assorted union. He assorts that question. Assorting is difficult to lean.
37 astonish astonished astonished astonishes astonishing
Sentences The quality and v arities of textiles and pottery astonish the collector. Astonished, she watched the rapid battle. Astonished, she watched the rapid battle. Occasionally she astonishes you by ignorance. His memory was astonishing his energy ind
38 attack attacked attacked attacks attacking
Sentences Such an attack could escalate. They must have been attacked some time during night. They must have been attacked some time during night, They will be no more attacks. The Indians were attacking them.
39 attend attended attended attends attending
Sentences She will attend the party. The party that I have attended last night was fab. The party that I have attended last night was fab. When an audible emission of breath attends its production. The fact drifted in slowly as if attending a dread meeting.
40 attract attracted attracted attracts attracting
Sentences She was a pretty girl, but not in a way that would attract much attention. He was more attracted towards the crowd. He was more attracted towards the crowd. He might deter the rapist and muggers, but he attracts people. He has attracting face.
41 audit audited audited audits auditing
Sentences It is the Supreme court of cassation an adult office, a high court of justice. The account of rural district council is made up half yearly and are audited in the same way. All the accounts are audited by the Treasury Department. Supreme court of accounts, which audits the accounts. Auditors receive remuneration for auditing the accounts.
42 avoid avoided avoided avoids avoiding
Sentences he continued to avoid her gaze. Again she had avoided death. He had simply avoided it. He normally avoids the junk food. Was he actually avoiding the conversation with his father?
43 awake awoke awoken awakes awaking
Sentences When I came I, destiny was awake, so I got her up. When we awoke we were in Boston. The springs healed her bounds, but she did not awaken from death. She awakes on a mountain. On awaking, she was attacked by the Centaurs.