Class X CBSE – ENGLISH – Patol Babu – Summary

Patol Babu 
– By Satyajeet Ray

– The story revolves around Patol Babu. Who at a point of time was the limelight of the plays he did in Jatras,amateur theatricals.

– But that was years back, and now when Patol Babu was juggling for jobs as he lost his 9 year old clerical job in a retrenchment.

-After that he did various jobs.

•He had opened a variety shop which he had to shut down after 5 years.
•Then joined a Bengali firm,which he left due to the handed ness of the boss.
• Then remained an insurance salesman for 10 years.

-Currently he sells of scrape iron to earn.

-He is approached by Nishikanto Ghosh, Patol babu’s neighbour, whose brother-in-law was looking for an actor for a film scene and that he wanted to meet him.

– Later that day Naresh Dutt arrived at Patol Babu’s place and offered him a small part in a film. The role was of an absent minded pedestrian.

-He told him to be at the set of the film the next day at 8:30 sharp. And also instructs him how to dress up.

-Patol Babu gets really excited and says yes.

– He later discusses his pleasure in front of his wife by telling her his experiences on the stage.

– The next day when Patol Babu gets to the set of the film at 8:30 am, he sees many cars and a bus carrying equipments.

– He then is spotted by Naresh Dutt who praises him for his punctuality and asks him to wait till he is called.

– While waiting he gets to know that the protagonist of the film is Chanchal Kumar,who was a really famous actor.

-Narsh Dutt approaches Patol Babu and gives him a paper in which his dialogue is scrawled.

-Naresh Dutt arranged a mustache for Patol babu and told him to wait.

– Patol Babu feels devastated,angry and embarrassed when he gets to know that he only has a mere ‘Oh’ as his dialogue.

-But then he is told that a speaking role in Baren Mullik’s film is an achievement itself.

-He then remembers his mentor Gagon Pakrashi’s advice that however short the role is an artist should give his best.

– He practice different type of Oh’s and requests for a news paper to make it more realistic.

– He counts the total distance between him and Chanchal Kumar.- After the camera stars rolling Patol Babu as per the instructions collides with Kumar and lets out an surprised and anguished ‘Oh’.

-His performance is greatly appreciated by everyone.

– He returns home without taking the amount which was to be paid to him as renumeration as he was satisfied and that was all mattered.


Answers the questions in one or two sentences each:

  1. How did Sosanko convince Patol Babu about the dialogue given to him?
  2. Describe the scene Patol has to play in the film.
  3. Which incidents prove that Patol was a man of imagination?
  4. How did Patol react to the lines given to him?
  5. Why did he leave the shooting spot without taking the money?
  6. How does he rate the people in the filmdom?
  7. What did Nishikandto Ghosh tell Patol Babu one morning? Why?
  8. Describe the past of Patol Babu as an actor.
  9. What did Patol Babu do for a living after having been retrenched?
  10. How did Patol Babu disclose his pleasure for the film role before his wife?
  11. What did Patol Babu think of Chanchal Kumar after his shoot?
  12. What did Jyoti tell Patol Babu about his role before it was to be shot?
  13. What did Patol Babu do with the paper on which his dialogue was written?
  14. What did he hear standing near the paan shop and how he reacted to it?
  15. What had Patol Babu‘s mentor Gogon Pakrashi told him about the actor as an artist?
  16. How was Patol Babu emboldened by his mentor Gogon Pakrashi‘s advice?
  17. What did Patol Babu suggest Baren Mullick to add authenticity to his role when his turn for shoot came? What happened thereafter?
  18. What did Patol Babu feel after the shoot? Why did he go without taking any money?

Long answer type questions:

  1. Why did Nishikanto Gosh call on Patol Babu one morning? How did Patol Babu react after hearing him? What kind of a stage actor had Patol Bab been earlier?
  2. What happened when Patol Babu went to Faraday House for shooting after he had met Naresh Dutt? How did he feel after having been given his one-worded dialogue?
  3. How did Patol Babu give an emotional touch to his dialogue of Oh!?
  4. Imagine Patol Babu writes a diary page about important events. He writes a diary page describing this event. Write a diary page on his behalf about this event in150 words.